Mid-Harbor Moorings

Let us save you the most money this boating season. We offer the best value in mooring services on the West Shore and a pricing discount on a full season launch service for our launch and mooring customers. We are the only mooring company that exclusively works on Marblehead’s West Shore, which means we are here to help you if there are any problems or concerns. All you need to do is call us or let a launch driver know what the problem is, and we’ll take care of it.

Mooring Services

For boat owners who already have a mooring, we offer an annual mooring service. Do not forget to ask about our launch discount for our mooring customers for additional savings! Please note that pricing discounts cannot be combined with pricing specials that we hold throughout the year.  Our annual mooring service includes Spring and Fall service. 

Spring Service

  • Inspection and cleaning of chain to the middle connection (This includes a complete mooring inspection for new customers and then as required by the harbormaster.)
  • Cleaning and renumbering of the mooring buoy
  • Chain and shackle replacement, if required (This does not include the costs of materials, which are competitively priced.)
  • Installation of mooring pennants (Pickup buoys are not part of the service involving the installation of pennants.)
  • Cleaning of pennants left over the winter (This is available for an additional $50 fee.)

Fall Service

  • Removal, pressure washing, year-end inspection, and winter storage of mooring pennants
  • Cleaning and renumbering of buoys
  • Cleaning of mooring chain
  • Inspections of shackle connections
  • Storing of pickup buoys over the winter (This is available for a $50 fee. Please note that we are not responsible for lost or missing pickup buoys.)

Service Calls (Pricing Is Based on the Service Needed, and the Initial Fee Is $150)

  • Relocating gear to its new location
  • Adjustment of gear in its current location

New Mooring Options

Call or email our office for mooring pricing. Mooring locations will depend on your space assignment from the harbormaster’s office, which is based on the availability in the mooring field.

Mooring Permit Fee

The boat owner is responsible for contacting the harbormaster for a space assignment and the annual mooring permit where your boat is moored. Contact the Marblehead harbormaster or Salem harbormaster.

16 Tioga Way
Marblehead, MA 01945
Phone: (781) 631-0611
VHF Channel 69

2024 Service Notice

To ensure that your mooring has been properly serviced before your arrival, we ask that you give us at least two weeks’ notice before you expect to launch your boat and arrive at your mooring. Email ned@midharborlaunch.com with your launch date information.

We ask that you let us know when you are off the mooring so we can remove your pennants. Please remember to remove your pickup buoy before your departure. We will charge a $50 storage fee for storing pickup buoys over the winter. We will not perform our fall service for moorings that still have boats on them. Please have your boat off the mooring before the end of the fall service season. New pennants may be needed if they are left on the mooring over the winter. Pennants & pick buoys left in storage for over the course of a season without arrangements being made for pick up will be considered abandoned and will be discarded. 

Credit Card Logos
*All services must be paid for before work will be performed. There will be a $25 charge for any returned checks and an 18 percent annual interest charge on the late balance past thirty days.


Mid-Harbor Launch LLC, its agents, officers, and employees shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to your boat if it breaks free from its mooring or incurs damage by any other means, including being hit by other boats, not being tied up properly, or circumstances beyond our control. Whether you own, rent, or lease your mooring equipment, there is an inherent risk in keeping your boat on a mooring, which every boat owner must be aware of. Owners can help reduce the risk of damage to their boats by making sure pennants are led correctly on the bow, proper chafe gear is used, and proper precautions are taken before poor weather conditions occur. If you have any questions about keeping your boat on a mooring, please ask one of our professional staff members for recommendations. We are not responsible for pennants left in storage from a previous season. Pennants and/or pickup buoys left in storage for longer than two seasons will be discarded.