Mid-Harbor Launch Service

Mid-Harbor launch drivers can be hailed on VHF channel 69. From May to October, we have launches operating from the Village Street Dock on Marblehead’s West Shore.  Be sure to sign up for our email list to receive notifications of service changes/disruptions. 

2024 Pricing

Pay by the Ride: $9.00 each person, each way.

Full Season Service: $1099.00 (unlimited people).

(pricing is subject to change throughout the season)


Saturday 6/6: 8am – 11pm

Sunday6/7: 8am – 10pm

Monday: 8am – 9pm

Tuesday: 8am – 9pm

Wednesday 6/3:  8am – 10pm

Thursday 6/4: 8am – 11pm

Friday 6/5: 8am – 11pm

Welcome to summer full season hours.

*Schedule is subject to change throughout the season.


Mid-Harbor Launch LLC, its agents, officers, and employees will make every effort to get you, your family, and guests out to and in from your boat carefully and courteously. However, you are using this service at your own risk and must realize that boats, floats, and other vessels are moving with waves, tides, and the wind.  Mid-Harbor Launch LLC cannot be held responsible for the absolute safety of people or boats using this service. When on the launch, please wear correct footwear, sit on the seats provided, have your hands free, and use good judgment. Mid-Harbor Launch LLC reserves the right to discontinue its launch service due to severe weather until conditions improve. The transport of fuel is not allowed on the launches.