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To all our family, friends and clients of Mid-Harbor Marine:

We would like to formerly introduce ourselves to those we have been unable to meet and also to say hello to the many that are already our friends.  As you may have heard, Bert Reynolds and Ned Foster have been fortunate enough to be trusted with the well-being and future of Mid-Harbor Marine.  For the last 17 years the Sheehan family has done a remarkable job taking care of your mooring and launch needs in the West Harbor. Recently, they have decided to pass the torch on to us.  Both Brenden and Amy have been working tirelessly to ensure that this transition goes as seamless as possible and that the level of service and attention stays the same for the friends of Mid-Harbor Marine. 

Bert began his Marine career over 25 years ago in St. Thomas, USVI.  As a partner in Topsails, a local day sail operator, the company grew from a single 48-passenger sailing schooner to a total of 8 day-sail vessels (ranging in size from 50’-68’) with a combined carrying capacity of approximately 1000 guests per day.  Bert’s day-to-day responsibilities were the upkeep of all company vessels, direction of all crew and physical management of the company.  To date, Bert retains his 100-ton US Coast Guard Certification. With Topsails, Bert was also charged with all maintenance and upkeep of the boats, the boats’ support vessels, their permanent moorings and crew.  St. Thomas is and always will be his second home but the colder waters of Marblehead were calling.  Bert met and married a Marblehead girl, Katy Bednar, and they have chosen Marblehead as their home to raise their 4 young children.  Once relocated and settled in Marblehead, Bert used his marine background to continue working in the industry.  North Shore Sandblasting was established in Marblehead and primarily offers marine blasting and bottom refinishing.  Bert also does marine repairs, storage and transportation from several Northshore facilities.  It is Bert’s 25-year background in the marine industry that makes North Shore Blasting and Mid-Harbor Marine such a perfect fit.  Not only will the legacy of the Sheehan family in Mid-Harbor Marine continue, but will be expanded through our services to our friends and clients who place their trust with us. 

Ned Foster was born and raised in Marblehead and during his younger years worked for several marine businesses in Marblehead, including Willard and Son mooring service and Marblehead Trading Company.  Years later, Ned and his wife Angela moved from Marblehead to Memphis, TN where they started a family.  In 2013, they returned to Marblehead to raise their two growing children.  In 2019, Ned began working with Bert at North Shore Sandblasting.  Their partnership has flourished over the years and continues to grow.


We both want to thank Brenden and Amy for placing their trust in us to carry on the Mid-Harbor Marine name. We would also like to thank you, our clients, for your continued relationship with Mid-Harbor Marine.  Without a doubt, we will do our very best to take care of all your mooring, launch, transportation and mechanical needs for years to come.  Please do not hesitate to stop by or call, we would love to personally meet each of you. 


Kind regards,



Bert and Ned


Mid-Harbor Launch LLC, its agents, officers, and employees will make every effort to get you, your family, and guests out to and in from your boat carefully and courteously. However, you are using this service at your own risk and must realize that boats, floats, and other vessels are moving with waves, tides, and the wind.  Mid-Harbor Launch LLC cannot be held responsible for the absolute safety of people or boats using this service. When on the launch, please wear correct footwear, sit on the seats provided, have your hands free, and use good judgment. Mid-Harbor Launch LLC reserves the right to discontinue its launch service due to severe weather until conditions improve. The transport of fuel is not allowed on the launches.